Benefits & Tips - Get the Most Out of Virtual Events with 0100 Conferences

Virtual conferences offer numerous benefits for you as well as for your organization. 0100 Conferences team picked top 5 reasons why are virtual events even more beneficial than traditional ones.

1.     Cost-Efficient

In organizations where hundreds of executives and professionals attend several conferences a year at $1,000 or more each in total cost, a virtual event free of pass for LPs and GPs can be really efficient. We at 0100 Conferences believe that the digital environment really displaces brick and mortar events, where eye to eye meetings are just chance connections. By attending the virtual event you save not only registration fees, but also high travel and accommodation costs. This gives the opportunity for organizations to have more of their representatives to attend the event.

2.     Time Efficient

No more flight delays, passport control or security checks and no more 2 and more days spent by attending just one day conference. Less travel time means more time for you at work or with your family. In comparison to the physical conferences, you can simply check the agenda and join the most important sessions for you whenever it would suit you. You don’t really need to walk around the venue to find the room for each session or even the restroom, you can sit in your own office or couch and enjoy the presentations. Less stress, less tiredness and more energy to stay focused on the content that matters the most to you, you can dip in and out of the conference without being noticed.

3.     Inclusivity, Flexibility & Convenience

Virtual conferences offer geographically dispersed delegates the opportunity to participate, this helps us to bring together the best speakers and participants from across the world increasing accessibility and inclusivity. The benefits of this are manifold as accessibility and inclusivity brings with it richer, diverse contributions to the conference and enhance professional development and network. In addition, the virtual conference offers you the option to access the panel discussions at your own pace, allowing you to more easily balance commitments.

4.     Networking Made Extremely Easy

People are social human beings and the need to meet and connect with new people will stay here forever. Many people argue that online conferences cannot fully replace physical face to face interactions. With that being said, the online environment allows delegates to connect with speakers, exhibitor and other attendees with a few mouse clicks. You don’t really have to run through crowded exhibition halls just to miss the person you wanted to talk with the most. Making the most out of live chats, 1on1 video calls, direct messages and much more, you can now grow your network in just a few clicks while sipping away your coffee in the office. You can engage with an industry specialist to create connections and get detailed, personalized insights regarding the agenda at the conference.

5.     Reduced Environmental Footprint

It has never been so important to act sustainably as it is now. Travel flights, food waste, single-use exhibition builds, satchel inserts, hard-copy programs, name badges and lanyards add up quickly to leave a large environmental footprint during the physical event. In fact, delegates who will largely be flaying contribute a large percentage to an event’s carbon footprint. None of these is needed when you join an online virtual conference. As the world adapts to the climate change threat, many people are making personal decisions not to attend physical conferences for sustainability reasons, and welcome the opportunity to engage with virtual conferences. For the same reason, transitioning to a new model can also be a good business decision.

0100 Bringing You A New Way to Benefit from Conferences

0100 CONFERENCES team believes that meeting virtually is a great alternative when a traditional face-to-face conference is not possible. The world is switching to online business and we want you to learn how you can get the most out of the conference. Even though meeting virtually cannot exactly replicate the energy and experience of a physical event, there is a number of benefits from attending a conference online.



Easy and Quick Registration Process – You can register to our virtual event at our official website by selecting the right ticket. After you register, you will receive a link for the virtual platform. Prior to the conference, you will set up a personal profile at our virtual platform to justify who you are, what company you work at, and what you are looking for and who you would like to meet at the conference.

Delegate List – a few days prior to the event, you will receive a delegate list so you can identify who you want to network with and send them a request to go on a video chat at a time most suitable for both of you.



3-days-event – All of our 2020 virtual conferences will be three-days events to maximize networking experience. The first day and the last day after the conference will be dedicated exclusively to networking with all participants.

Unique Agenda – On the second day you will be able to access panel discussions. All sessions will happen on the main stage and will run according to the agenda on the second day.


Network Even After the Conference – conference can be over, but the networking is just beginning after the event. During the conference, you could run into many potential partners, and it is extremely important to get connected via LinkedIn or to get contact info so that you can connect also once the conference is over.


Tip #1: Check the Agenda Prior to the Conference & Don’t Miss Anything

Once you register and create your personalized profile, our Hopin platform will enable you to watch panel discussions live on the main stage of the conference. During each panel discussion, you will be able to interact with speakers and ask them important questions during Q&A in real-time. In comparison to the physical conferences, you can simply check the agenda before the event and join the most important sessions for you whenever it would suit you. Plus, the beauty of a virtual event is that you can access from anywhere in the world, our sessions will be available in your time zone. Saving your time, you connect through your laptop at the time of the session that you wish to attend, and you are all set. You can continue to work in between sessions as you are only one click away. By attending the conference you get insights from seasons experts directly to your phone, pc, or laptop.


Tip #2: Get Familiar with Our Platform - Hopin – Register & Create Your Profile

Creating your own profile prior to the conference is extremely important. Take setting a profile at Hopin as an opportunity to introduce yourself and your company to other delegates. Information that you fill in while creating your profile will appear to other participants during the conference, therefore, it is extremely important to mention your name, title of your position, name of your company, and any other information that you would wish others to know in your profile before you join the conference. Prior to the event, we also recommend checking if your browser is working correctly and to get familiar with Hopin platform play around with it and learn how it works so that you can comfortably enjoy the conference once it is live!


Tip #3: Check the Delegates List and Connect with the Most Important Contacts for You

Our 0100 virtual conferences will connect 500+ senior professionals from across the private equity and venture capital industry. Prior to the event, you will receive a delegates list so that you can review all participants to prioritize your targets. During the event, you can join structured debates, breakout sessions, data presentations, closed-door discussions and much more. Networking during a virtual event is more scalable than an in-person conference. You can connect with professionals that have the same interest and issues and actually stay connected. You don’t have to switch business cards, you will instantly get digital contact details or get connected on LinkedIn. We recommend you get in touch with a particular contact on LinkedIn and request the availability of the person for a 1on1 call. For more information about how to use networking options at Hopin platform, you can go through our STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE.



During each virtual conference you will be able to enjoy numerous ways for networking:






Our virtual event will make it easier than ever before to connect with the right delegates – helping you to have meaningful and insightful conversations important for your business.


Attending our 0100 Virtual Conference means getting exposure for yourself as a PE / VC professional, but also for your company. In addition, you can combine brand recognition solutions with showcases on the main stage to increase your reputation as an industry expert. We tailor the exposure opportunities and facilitate introductions within our extensive and qualified network to ensure the engagement you are looking for. For example, by buying the Group Ticket + Expo Booth you will get the opportunity to promote your expertise and services via pre-recorded videos or live stream sessions. This way, all attendees can use the expo area to ask you questions directly at your stand. Booths have a customizable lead generation feature built-in for capturing attendee interest and are set up to also display interactive Google Slides presentations.

For more information regarding sponsorship opportunities, please contact:


0100 Virtual – UK & Ireland – 20th – 22nd of October

0100 Virtual – DACH Region – 24th – 26th of November

To learn more about how to register to HOPIN or create a profile at HOPIN check out our STEP BY STEP GUIDELINE HOW TO USE HOPIN







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