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You can combine brand recognition solutions with showcases on stage to increase your reputation as an industry expert. We tailor exposure agreements to ensure the engagement you are looking for and support with introductions to selected LPs and GPs. 

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Key sponsorship opportunities

Each company is different, therefore we always tailor the sponsorship packages according to needs of our clients. Take advantage of our extensive and qualified network.

Speaking opportunities

The stage is where you catch the spotlight in front of our extensive and qualified audience. They are there to listen to you. 
 Choose the best format to deliver your message across our targets. The stage is yours! 

Brand Recognition

Being seen out of the crowd doesn't happen itself. We limit the number of visible sponsors and split the different industry verticals to increase the exposure of the selected ones while we minimize the direct competitors.

Educate your end prospects

You target a niche and think that a full immersion with the right people is more worth it than exposing in front of everyone?

VIP Dinner and further hospitality 

As we know that making business is your priority at the venue, the more you do business at 0100 Conferences the better it is for both of us. And do you know how many deals started with a glass of wine or salmon tartare? We do! This is why our VIP Dinner became a must over the years.

Pre-arranged 1-1 meetings 

What's better than being at the right event with the right people?


What happens when I apply?

Free consultation with our sponsorship experts

Take advantage of our dedicated specialists team. Share with us your business goals. We will guide you through the most effective strategies and tools to achieve the wished results. In 24h, based on your business needs and available resources, we draft 3 bespoke packages.

Time to tailor together

You say which proposal is the most appealing and we jointly customize and review it until it fully matches your expectations.

The preparation is part of the execution

Our sponsorship team takes you hand in hand until the venue, providing you with regular updates on the conference preparation and all the useful info about the participants in order to maximize your performance at the end.

The day you met your new customers

Confident with your preparation and put in the best position to make the most out of your conference experience. You are now fully ready to gain the results of your effort. Now it's over to you! However, do not forget that our team is still always around to support you live with any additional info and make sure that you reach out to your targets

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