After the initial success with digital initiatives of webinars and podcasts for the Limited Partners & General Partners, we at 0100 Conferences, will continue delivering high-quality networking experience in the virtual space. The first Virtual PE & VC Conference – CEE Region is about to start on the 25th of June. This blog will help you to navigate through the Hopin tool, what you can expect from the virtual conference, and how you can benefit from the virtual event and make the most of it. 


You can register for the Virtual PE&VC CEE conference at our website. You just have to select the ticket that best suits your needs and preferences. LPs and GPs pass is for FREE, the rest of the attendees can choose from Early Bird, Regular, Last Minute and Group + Expo Booth tickets. 

After you fill in the information, you will get an email with the confirmation of your registration, which looks like this: 

To finish the registration process, you will simply click on the first link in the email, and go to checkout. The last two steps in finishing your registration are to sign up at Hopin and to create your own profile.

After you sign up you will see this page:

Click on the “create your profile” to finish your registration. PLEASE NOTE: The information that you will fill in into Hopin when creating your own profile, will help our audience and other participants to find you during the conference. If you don’t create your own profile on Hopin, other participants won’t be able to see that you are attending the conference neither invite you for 1/1 meeting.

Once you create your own profile at Hopin, you will be redirected to the main reception where the whole event will take place.

At the reception, you will see how many days the event will start. Prior to the event, you will also receive notification emails with the button that will redirect you to the main reception of the Virtual PE & VC CEE Conference.

Once the conference starts, you will be able to access the event and you will be redirected to the main view of the Virtual PE & VC CEE Conference Live event – Reception.

Reception serves as the overview of the whole virtual event, the Main Streaming Stage, The Breakout Sessions and Schedule (Agenda).

On the left side, there is the navigation bar that enables you to switch between different areas of the virtual conference, including the Main Stage, Breakout Sessions, and 1on1 meetings. 

On the right side you will see Chat which will be available for you during the whole streaming, as well as Polls in which you can vote, and all attendees.


The stage is the most important area of the conference in which all panels and presentations will take place. You will be able to view and listen to the pal discussions, presentations, and keynotes during the whole day of the conference. In addition to this, you will be able to chat with fellow participants, ask questions, vote in our polls, as well as review all people who are watching the panel discussion with you. 


A session is a ‘virtual roundtable or room’ where up to 20 people can participate (video/audio on) and up to 500 attendees can watch. Just like during a face-to-face conference, after each panel discussion, you will be able to join a virtual meeting room session dedicated to a particular panel topic. This way, you can discuss the theme further and raise questions that won't be answered during the panel discussion, or simply connect with the right people interested in the same issue. In addition to this, during the whole virtual conference, you will be able to create your own breakout session with a topic of your choice and gain valuable insights from fellow delegates.


In the networking area, every one can meet everyone through one on one meetings via video. Prior to the virtual conference, you will receive from 0100 Conferences a list of delegates who registered so that you can preview whom you can talk with during the conference. During the conference you just enter the networking area and invite a delegate of your preference to 1on1 meeting. There are two options for how you can start a 1on1 call: 

  1. You click on the “ready” button in the networking area and our random matchmaking will select a first available random person for a call. 

  2. You invite directly someone specific in the “People” section which is on the very right side in the networking area by clicking “Invite to video call” button.


By buying the Group Ticket + Expo Booth you will get the opportunity to promote your materials for instance pre-recorded videos or a live video stream session in the virtual expo area. That way, all attendees can learn more about you and your company. In the expo area, you will have the possibility for a real stand, to broadcast from the booth or ask questions directly. Prior to the conference we will prepare your materials in the Expo area for capturing attendee interest. 


On the left side of the reception, you will also be able to access and review our agenda. That way you can check any time when your favorite panel discussion or keynote speaker starts.


Please note, that we recommend using the Google Chrome browser during the conference. To make sure the virtual event runs smoothly, please, download this browser prior to the conference. 


If you have any questions or doubts before or during Virtual PE&VC CEE Conference, please contact us directly at We are here to help you to enjoy this networking opportunity to the fullest.

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