0100 Conference Cyprus: Meet Leading Investors from Europe and the Middle East

0100 Conferences is glad to announce its third conference in Limassol, Cyprus on the 19th of October, 2022. We are always so excited to be bringing seasoned professionals: LP investors, GP investors and service providers from Europe and the Middle East to Limassol. 

“The startup and venture to invest ecosystem in Cyprus is in need of consistency in order to grow and mature; the 0100 and the Reflect teams have managed to set the standard high over the past few years and for that, they have nothing less than our full support.” -  Agni Photiou, Investment Manager at Exerte Partners.

Shake Hands with LP & GP Investors

This conference brings together some of the top professionals in the industry, like Edouard Cukierman (Cukierman & Co. Investment House), Vivi Papassouli (European Investment Fund), Denis Ivanov (Digital Horizon VC), Yuriy Romanyukha (TA Ventures), Rebecca Holbeck (Haflo), Stephane Gantchev (LAUNCHub Ventures), Tzvete Doncheva (PropTech 1 Ventures),  Alexey Sidorov (Flashpoint Venture Capital), and many more so you can learn from their experience and get insights into what's currently happening in the industry. 

In addition, the conference provides ample in-person networking opportunities, so you can make valuable connections that can lead to future business opportunities.

Enjoy VIP Networking at our VIP Dinner 

Get the opportunity to have an intimate private dinner with the speakers, the sponsors and selected investors from the conference. This allows you to take networking from surface-level based interactions to true human connections. Reach to us at mauro@0100conferences.com to learn how you can access this exclusive and private side session.

Gain Industry Insights

Learn from 20+ market experts who will share their knowledge and expertise, receive in-depth expert analysis of the latest industry trends, and get first-hand updates from leading VC investors on how they are adapting to current market conditions.

Some of the topics we will be discussing include: The Current Fundraising Environment, Real Estate and Proptech Investments, Sourcing of Investments and their Valuation, and How HNWI & Family Offices Play An Important Role in The VC Industry?

Enjoy the Benefits of Being in Cyprus

Chris Droussiotis, Senior Managing Partner of Kinisis Ventures, confirms that the Cypriot entrepreneurial hub has global ambitions and is constantly growing: “for the past four years, our firm has invested in seven different Cypriot innovation companies. We continuously invest in Cyprus because of the differentiated value propositions that are consistently demonstrated by Cypriot companies that can scale in the US market”.

What's more, Cyprus offers a wide range of business benefits: "we house everything in Cyprus, as for us, and considering my 25-year track record, Cyprus has proven to be the easiest place to set up and do business" says Wahid Chammas, Founder, and CIO at Tyregate Capital Holdings. 

The Business Advantage is at Your Fingertips 

With a lineup of seasoned investors discussing the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the Venture Capital industry, you're sure to come away from this conference with valuable insights and connections. 

Imagine in-person networking with 120+ industry leaders in one place. Will you join it to find your next business partners? 

See the conference website

We would like to thank our sponsors who collaborate with us.


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