Your Guide to Making The Most of PE/VC Networking Conferences

We’re all tired of attending private equity and venture capital conferences that promise networking success, only to leave us with a pile of business cards and no meaningful connections. The common perception is that dominating these events with aggressive tactics is the key to success, but in reality, it often leads to frustration and disappointment. It's time to challenge these assumptions and embrace a fresh perspective on networking at conferences.

In this blog post, we'll delve into why conventional networking tactics don’t work and unveil a different approach—one that empowers you to walk away satisfied, having made the connections you truly desire.

Redefining Domination: Engage in Authentic Conversations

Rather than striving to be the loudest voice in the room, focus on being the most attentive listener. Take the time to understand the perspectives of your fellow attendees. By actively engaging in conversations and demonstrating your authentic curiosity, you can create a lasting impression that sets the foundation for fruitful partnerships.

And because we understand that these genuine conversations can't happen in just the 5-minute breaks in hotel lobbies or in between panel discussions here and there, Zero One Hundred Conferences goes beyond the standard networking events and prioritizes creating a curated space where connections can naturally happen—our Networking Side Events.

The side events are exclusive small group networking events where selected players from the conference come together in a more personal setting. Some examples of the side events we host are VC Cocktail Masterclass, Wine & Cheese Tasting, LP Breakfast, the Exclusive GP/LP Cocktail Reception, The VC Brunch, and much more!
Learn what Schroders Capital has to say about our networking side events.

This intimate gathering provides the perfect opportunity to connect with influential decision-makers from within your specific industry, build valuable relationships, and establish partnerships in a relaxed atmosphere over drinks and dinner. It's a chance to foster strategic connections that extend far beyond the conference itself. Here’s why Quilvest Capital Partners recommend our side events. 

Reach out to us here, if you'd like to be a part of our exclusive side events.

Leveraging LinkedIn: Your Secret Weapon for Networking Success Before the Conference

LinkedIn—the ultimate platform for building professional connections—is your golden ticket to elevate your networking game, especially in the days leading up to a networking conference. Why LinkedIn?

Well, for starters the durability and longevity of LinkedIn connections are unrivaled. Unlike fleeting exchanges at events, LinkedIn connections provide a lasting channel of interaction. With access to each other's profiles and updates, you can ensure that your networking efforts won’t go to waste. 

Beyond longevity, you can also stay attuned to your connections' career advancements, milestones, and triumphs. These valuable insights are perfect for creating follow-up conversations that resonate on a personalized level.

But perhaps the real magic lies in the expansive reach of your nurtured LinkedIn connections. By cultivating your connections, you tap into a wide network that extends far beyond yours. Navigate through the contacts of your contacts, unlocking doors to introductions and expanding your network massively.  

This aligns seamlessly with the core values of Zero One Hundred Conferences. Our commitment to fostering effective networking is underscored by a distinctive advantage we offer: early access to the attendee list. As the conference approaches, usually a few weeks prior, we dispatch the attendee list, complete with their LinkedIn profiles, to all registered participants. This glance into the roster of attendees allows you to identify potential connections and be proactive about making introductions.

Leveraging the Event Platform for Targeted Networking

To support your journey towards quality connections, we utilize a networking platform that simplifies the process. As an attendee, you gain access to this user-friendly platform, where you can browse through the attendee list and refine your search based on specific criteria.

Identify the individuals who align closely with your business objectives and schedule 1:1 meetings, or message with them directly through the platform. This personalized approach ensures that your time at the conference is maximized, as you engage in discussions that truly matter to your professional growth.

Building Meaningful Relationships

At Zero One Hundred Conferences, we have honed this counterintuitive approach for over eight years, creating an environment where authentic conversations thrive. We believe in the power of meaningful connections, and that is the foundation of our success. 

Firms like Abrdn, Adams Street Partners, APG Asset Management, BlackRock, Blackstone, Cambridge Associates, Coller Capital, EQT, KKR, Rothschild & Co, Schroders Capital, StepStone, and many more place their trust in us to deliver networking experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

So, when you choose to join Zero One Hundred Conferences, you're not merely attending another conference; you're becoming a part of an exclusive network of like-minded professionals who value authenticity as the cornerstone of successful networking.

Learn more about our upcoming conferences here.


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