Interactive Webinar: How to Prepare for Series A Funding (Powered by Venture to Future Fund)

After running a successful series of webinars for Limited Partners & General Partners, 0100 Conferences in cooperation with Venture to Future Fund organizes webinar which will help you to prepare for a Series A Funding.

Capital allows society to grow through investing in innovation. Applying for a loan at commercial banks is connected with several issues and it is a long process at the end of which your application might get rejected for several reasons. Fortunately, there are other ways of funding your business in the form of venture capital provided by the venture funds.

About the Webinar

When raising capital for your business, several questions need to be answered, and a set of documents must be prepared with all relevant information for potential future investors. It is a comprehensive process which requires considerable effort.

What kind of questions can potential investors have? What type of information do you need to have prepared? What kind of documents can be required?

Webinar organized by 0100 Conferences will answer all of these questions and will guide you through this process with Venture to Future Fund increasing your chances to get financial resources for your business. The webinar is primarily for innovative SMEs from Slovakia, but also for other SMEs who want to learn more about the preparation process of raising capital. Thus, potential co-investors might learn more about exciting opportunities in the region.

About Venture to Future Fund

Every day, new innovative ideas emerge which often cannot be realized because of the lack of capital. Venture to Future Fund acknowledges this gap in the market and opens new opportunities for all innovative companies with a connection to Slovakia which need additional capital to implement their business plans.

VFF plans to allocate funds in the amount of 40.4 million euros and is mainly interested in innovative companies that have great potential to become pioneers in their field. It targets small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth phase (series A and other rounds) with an at least partially functional product that has been viable, tested on the market and already has the first paying customers and above all, a clear vision for the future that is realistic and fact-based and supported by a quality team.

The average investment varies between 1.5-2 million euros, always investing with private co-investors on the pari-pass basis. The role of VFF is to support the growth and size of the venture capital market through co-investment with private co-investors. The role of the VFF is to support the development and size of the venture capital market completed co-investments with private investors. The investors in the VFF are the European Investment Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development Fund I. For the European Investment Bank, this is the first investment of its kind in our region.

Agenda & Speakers

Introductory Presentation by VFF

  • Martin Banský, Investment Manager, Vice-Chairman of the Board

  • Miriama Kováčová, Investment Manager, Member of the Board

Panel Discussion

  • Matej Říha, Investment Manager, Chairman of the Board

  • Rolf Brien, Investment Advisory Committee of Venture to Future Fund

  • Viktor Primus, CFO at SEC Technologies

  • Richard Guga, Co-Founder & Executive Director at Nettle

  • Marton Medveczky, Investment Associate, Flashpoint Venture Capita

Q&A Session

In case your questions won't be answered during the webinar, you can address them during the Q&A section at the end of the webinar. These experts are looking forward to answering your inquiries.

Join the webinar on the 3rd of December at 5 pm CET, register here and get prepared to raise money for your business.




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