Investing Globally A Fireside Chat with Paul Bragiel Entrepreneur Involved in 8 Unicorns

The previous edition of 0100 Virtual Conference has provided you with a keynote speaker Tim Draper. This time we decided to do a fireside chat with Paul BragielEntrepreneur and Managing Partner at Bragiel Brothers who has got involved in 8 unicorns.

Investing Globally. Not Putting All Your Eggs In One Basket - Fireside Chat

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Paul Bragiel is a 3-time entrepreneur that is the Co-Founder of Bragiel Brothers, a silicon valley early-stage technology fund. He also sat on the advisory board of the car-sharing service Uber from 2010-2014. Collectively he's invested in seed/series rounds of over 300+ companies which includes holdings in other billion-dollar companies like Stripe, Niantic (Pokemon Go), Unity & Zappos.

In addition to his work in Silicon Valley, he has started and serves as Chairman of regional funds in SEAsia (golden gate), Africa (savannah), Europe (smok) and vertical funds in gaming (sisu) & ar/vr (presence).

Fireside Chat – 21st of October at 3.00 pm BST – 0100 Virtual – UK & Ireland

About Moderator

Paul will be interviewed by Kadri Ugand a Founding Partner at Go Beyond Capital.

Kadri is a serial entrepreneur and investor with international experience including fundraising 2 funds- GameFounders Europe (break-even 2019) and GameFounders Asia generating a deal flow of 1000+, investing in 70 early-stage teams from 26 countries, founding companies, conceptualizing and launching several startup ecosystem initiatives, initiating partnerships, building brands and operational systems, speaking at conferences, mentoring startups as well as making angel investments. 

Why Join?

The fireside chat is a unique opportunity to hear the speaker’s personal stories and ideas. Paul will be talking about his experience as an entrepreneur, how he has got involved in 8 unicorns as well as how to invest globally.

·       The fireside chat will be casual. This means more open questions from the audience and from the moderator. With a casual setting, fireside chat will offer honest and transparent discussion.

·       A refreshing break. Just like during a keynote presentation, you can sit back and enjoy the information shared during a fireside chat.

·       Insightful information from a world-class entrepreneur. The fireside chat will pull out truly relevant insights by incorporating audience questions.

The fireside chat is for all delegates looking for interaction and actionable tips rather than generic knowledge.

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