Get a career that helps you progress, and a role with responsibility. Send us your CV now and get a free ticket to our upcoming PE&VC conferences.

0100 Conferences are happy to announce a continuation of our partnership with Sandberg Capital. We are getting together again in a unique partnership to connect the best students from Slovakia and the Czech Republic currently enrolled at a university, finishing their studies, or graduates who have a special interest in finding a job in Private Equity and Venture Capital.

About Sandberg: From the Heart of Europe To the Whole World

Sandberg Capital is a private equity firm based in Slovakia that invests in small and medium-sized companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Its portfolio includes investments in companies with attractive growth potential across the IT, agriculture, telecommunications, retail and education sectors.

„With each investment, we seek to increase the long-term value of the company with the right partner. We prefer partnerships with the company's founder or its management that keep an ambitious vision for their future. We actively support the company's management in its development and growth, but leave daily managerial decisions up to the respective managers. We want to turn a €1 million company into a €10 million company and a €10million company into a €100 million company.”

Grab the Opportunity. Work with Sandberg Capital.

Sandberg is looking for talents and skilful people who are either able to identify interesting investment opportunities or able to manage its investments well. Thanks to our partnership with Sandberg, you can apply by sending us your CV to

We are looking for students who are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, or just have graduated with focus on Economics, Accounting, Finance, or a minor in Mathematics. Apart from that, you should have a strong interest in private equity and venture capital. It is an exciting and challenging opportunity for you to start a career in this interesting and dynamic field.

In addition, 0100 Conferences - in partnership with Sandberg Capital - is offering FREE TICKETS to our upcoming Private Equity and Venture Capital conferences to the first 15 students to respond:

0100 Virtual – UK&Ireland - 20th-22nd October

0100 Virtual – DACH Virtual – 24th – 26th November

By attending the conference, you can get a grasp of what’s currently happening in the PE & VC field and what’s it like to work at an investment company. During the conference, seasoned experts and fund managers will share with the audience best practices and the most common challenges boosting knowledge sharing and valuable networking.

Don’t miss the chance to grab your ticket and don’t forget to apply now!



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