Exploring the Advantages of Direct Secondary Funds with Giano Capital

In this interview with Alberto Chalon and Andreas Wiele from Giano Capital, we delve into the world of direct secondary funds and why LPs should consider them. Direct secondary funds offer access to best-in-class late-stage tech companies with clear exit plans and growth potential that most LPs cannot invest in. With a short fund life of just 5 years and fast capital deployment within 18-24 months, direct secondary funds can help LPs achieve their investment goals quickly.

Giano Capital has a rigorous sourcing and selection process, analyzing companies with over $75M in revenue, 30%+ growth, and a clear exit plan within 3-4 years. Their selection criteria also include profitable companies or those with at least 12-18 months of cash runway. Additionally, with over 16 years of experience, Giano Capital offers strategic and operational support to portfolio companies.

The current state of the secondary market is also discussed, with insights into the discounts being seen and the impact on LPs. Giano Capital shares their thoughts on the recent 0100 Conference Europe and the audience in attendance, offering valuable insights for those interested in the private equity and venture capital space.

Giano Capital's own secondary investments since 2016 have already returned 1.3x invested capital, demonstrating the potential of this investment strategy. If you're interested in exploring the advantages of direct secondary funds, don't miss this insightful interview with industry experts.

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