Exploring key investment challenges through expert conversations

The insights shared by our distinguished "0100 Conference Mediterranean" speakers in conversations with our media partners Money.it, Funds People Italy, Bebeez International, The Recursive, VC Magazin, and Top Legal, are truly enlightening. Here's a glimpse into these thought-provoking interviews, covering different topics ranging from impact investing and the utilization of AI tools to analyze potential investments to ESG reporting requirements from the Limited Partners' perspective.

Luca Mannucci, co-founder and managing partner of Sella Venture Partners: Traditional investors vs tourist investors

“With reference to traditional investors, interest in the venture capital asset class remains high, especially at this time when market valuations have returned to sustainable values. On the other hand, tourist investors have temporarily abandoned the venture market, as always happens in times of contraction. Overall, the asset class appears solid. Fund managers have returned to evaluating companies in a concrete way, avoiding making investments based on the "fear of missing out".

 Read the full interview (in Italian) with Money.it here

Natasha Franks, Head of Client Reporting at Alpha Associates: The growth of impact investment strategies

“While rapid asset growth is an encouraging sign for the future of impact investing, more capital from institutional investors will be needed to mitigate the effects of climate change and address social inequalities. The expansion of investment strategies towards topical themes - which are generally protected from economic recessions and often more resilient to economic shocks - will however allow institutional investors to diversify their assets with the result of " doing well by doing good ".

  Read the full interview (in Italian) with Money.it here

Daniel Keiper-Knorr, GP and founder at Speedinvest: Private investors are becoming relevant for VC funds.

“While private investors have a fairly high propensity to risk, they are also unregulated, so they do not suffer from the so-called “denominator effect”, i.e. the breakage of the limits to private capital’s weight on the overall portfolio, that institutional investors must respect to comply with rules issued by monetary authorities”.

Read the full interview (in English) with Bebeez International magazine here

Giovanni Bologna , senior portfolio manager of the VC Santander InnoEnergy Climate Fund: The role of VC funds in supporting startups that integrate ESG criteria

 “As is known, public markets have more data and more numbers on which to reason and make decisions. In venture capital, especially in early-stage, we physiologically have less information on the companies we analyze, the start-up teams are often very small and their main objective is to "survive", often to the detriment of a perfect integration of ESG elements in their company. This does not mean that start-ups are justified in not meeting formal ESG criteria, on the contrary. And it is precisely here that VC funds must play a further role: that of trying to create "best practices" and instilling a sense of responsibility in ESG matters in start-ups.

 Read the full interview (in Spanish) with Funds People Italy here

Lele Cao, Principal AI Research Scientist at EQT Group: The challenge in utilizing AI to analyze investments through an ESG lens

“The central issue about ESG investing is the availability of relevant data on suitable companies. Of course, the knowledge base gets larger and larger as the number of data sources and past experience increases. On the other hand, that holds true for all other functionalities, which evolve fast, thus improving the system’s performance steadily”.

 Read the full interview (in English) with Bebeez International magazine here

Alberto Chalon, founding partner at Giano Capital: Navigating Tech Investments and the Strategic Landscape of the Secondary Market in VC

The direct secondary market in venture capital in Europe has become a unique opportunity to invest in profitable, high-growth companies that are still private, with the aim of achieving an exit within 3-4 years, offering very interesting returns with a "private risk" . equity and return from venture capital”.

 Read the full interview (in Italian) with Money.it here


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