0100 Conferences – Throwback 2020

The 2020 year was full of unexpected twists and turns. Covid-19 had a gutting effect on almost every industry, especially on the in-person events which disappeared practically overnight in the wake of the pandemic. It is a matter of time till the event industry gets back to business as usual. Fortunately, the need to meet and connect with new people is still here. 

Clear Virtual Strategy - Inclusivity, Flexibility & Convenience

Despite the pandemic, 0100 Conferences wanted to continue in its mission – to be the best networking European platform for the PE & VC professionals fostering learning, sharing knowledge, but most importantly, exclusive networking.

Keeping the safety of our audience in the first place, the 0100 Conferences team has reacted quickly to the market needs and decided to go entirely virtual for the whole year 2020. With a new virtual strategy, we wanted to provide you with an inclusive, flexible and convenient way how you could stay connected and updated with the latest market trends and insights.

Part of our virtual strategy was also a new fresh product which is part of 0100 Conferences – the investors' database – InvestBridge. Through this complete digital toolkit, we make it easy for General Partners to identify the right investors to fit their investment strategies. Thanks to InvestBridge, you can now access and filter more than 6,000+ LPs and 25,000+ contacts.

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Big Thanks to Our Network: Partners, Sponsors, Speakers, Moderators & Attendees

After a series of webinars, and three substantial virtual conferences now is the right time to say thank you. We appreciate the loyalty of our network and would like to thank all of you for staying with us during this challenging year. Special thanks go to our speakers and moderators who were with us, and we're eager to switch to virtual conferences world. Not only our team had to adapt to new technology and processes, but mainly our speakers went through this journey with us, conducting prep calls making sure everything goes smoothly during the live event. We are incredibly grateful for having such a loyal network and for having a chance to host senior professionals from across the globe. Also, special thanks to our partners and sponsors who enabled us to keep high standards of our events.

0100 Conferences Events in 2020

Series of Educational Webinars

Private Equity investors came into this crisis, riding a long wave of growing transaction volumes, valuations, and fundraising. In the first wave of the pandemic, setting the right strategy proved to be extremely important when steering through the crisis. For the same reason, we provided you with a series of 0100 Conferences webinars, where we examined how COVID-19 was affecting Private Equity and Venture Capital markets. The last webinar was dedicated primarily to innovative SMEs interested in learning more about the preparation process of raising capital; helping regional entrepreneurs to increase their chances of getting finances for their business.

·   COVID-19 & The PE Market: Insights from LPs/GPS (Powered by Silverfern)

·   Strategies of LPs Going Forward (Powered by Silverfern)

·   COVID-19 Impact on the VC Market

·   How to Prepare for Series A Funding (Powered by Venture to Future Fund)

Series of webinars was an effective way how to provide you with the latest data on the impact of COVID-19 on the PE & VC industry, and case studies from the senior speakers from top PE & VC companies.

0100 Virtual PE&VC Conferences Presented in the Following Regions in 2020

·      0100 Virtual CEE Region – June

·      0100 Virtual UK & Ireland – October

·      0100 Virtual DACH Region – November

Exclusive Networking Options Combined with Tailored Agenda

0100 Conferences organized three virtual PE&VC conferences in the most critical regions: CEE, UK & Ireland and Dach. Two virtual conferences were three-day events as we wanted to maximize the networking experience. The first day and the last day after the conference were dedicated exclusively to networking with all participants. During each conference, you could run into many potential partners and get connected via LinkedIn. Thanks to our unique platform, you could enjoy various networking options:






Our virtual events made it easier than ever before to connect with the right delegates, helping you to have meaningful and insightful conversations important for your business.

For each conference, 0100 Conferences created unique agenda tailored for a particular region. During each conference, you could get inspired and educated by:

  • Panel discussions for LPs and GPs

  • Keynote Presentations

  • Fireside Chats

  • Post Panel Sessions

Every panel discussion enabled you to interact with season experts from the field and ask them questions important for your business. The beauty of our virtual events was that you could access any panel discussion whenever it would suit you best from anywhere in the world. By attending our conferences, you got access to insights from PE & VC professionals directly to your device.

Knowing the COVID-19 is not the only crisis the society will have to face, our production team has decided to add the ESG & Impact Investments panel discussion on the agenda of each conference. For the first time, we were also excited to run first of it is kind panel discussion dedicated to Eliminating the Gender Gap in PE&VC.

Numbers Show It Best




Geographic Breakdown of The Audience





Who Was The Audience?



 The Seniority of LP and GP Registrants


Why HOPIN? The First All-In-One Live Online Events Platform

The 2020 year proved us that we had chosen the best digital platform for our conferences. Our technology that connects people from all over the world proved to be simple, convenient, and reliable. Hopin is one of the fasted growing events platform which began as a simple networking tool for matching people one-on-one but rapidly grew into a full-conference online events platform with Sessions, Stages, Expos, and more. The software lately announced that it has been closed a $125 million Series B round of capital which was raised at a $2.125 billion valuation, making Hopin a double unicorn. After growing from a single person to 215 in a year or so, the startup expects to reach 800 staffers in 2021.

Thanks to Hopin platform, we were able to connect Limited Partners, General Partners, Service Providers and startups in one place, and make an enormous online event small again. With more investments coming in, 0100 Conferences believes that the Hopin platform will continue adding even more useful features making networking effortless than ever before.

What’s Next?

0100 Conferences heads into 2021 as a more experienced platform. We are preparing for our PE & VC network exciting events for the upcoming year. You can look forward to four conferences – and already make a registration for events in Q1-Q2. Not only that, we will provide you with additional services that will ease the way you connect with potential partners: working on the InvestBridge database, you will be able to access the most important contacts. 0100 Conferences will continue educating you by organizing several on-demand webinars in 2020.

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We Value Your Feedback & Want to Get Closer to Our Network

As we want to get closer to our network, and because we appreciate your feedback, we are adding now two new options on our official website. If you don’t see your preferred topic on the agenda, you can request on-demand the topic that you would like to see on the agenda through the call-to-action button in an official event on our website. In addition to that, if you have any questions about our events, you can ask them directly at our website, and our 0100 Conferences team will answer them in the blog.


0100 Virtual – CEE – 16th – 17th of March

0100 Conference  Vienna – 3rd – 5th of May

0100 Conference - Czech & Slovak Market - October 2021

0100 Virtual - Global European Conference - November 2021



The whole 0100 Conference team wishes you a great rest during Christmas Holidays & hope to see you all in 2021!


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