0100 Conferences 3TS Podcast on distributed technology teams

This is our 1st episode of 0100 Conferences Podcast in collaboration with 3TS Capital Partners, one of the leading European technology-focused private equity and venture capital firms.

Elbruz YIlmaz, Investment Director at 3TS was talking with Andrew Schafer, CTO of Entelo, about the distributed technology teams. How to build them, manage them and grow them over time.

Elbruz is responsible for investment sourcing, analysis, business development, transactions and portfolio management in CEE and Turkey.

Entelo is the world’s first all-in-one, an automated, source-to-hire recruitment platform that’s changing the way companies hire.

Andrew is the CTO of Entelo, where he leads the product, design, and engineering teams to build one of the leading recruiting automation and digital interviewing platforms on the market.

Andrew likes the blog of Roman Pichler, who provides fantastic explanations about various issues on this subject. In terms of books, he really likes “Creativity; Inc.” from Edwin Catmull, President at Pixar.

Roman Pinchler's Blog: https://www.romanpichler.com/

Creativity, Inc.: http://www.creativityincbook.com/


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