0100 Conference Mediterranean 2023

An in-person conference that brings together PE & VC investors from the Mediterranean region.





Building meaningful relationships

Meet and build relationships with senior level General and Limited Partners from the VC & PE industry. Network with fund managers, investors as well as leading service providers and other industry professionals from the Mediterranean region.

Why LPs attend:

* LP-tailored content focused on the hottest LP issues, including the latest trends and insights from leading experts
* Selected LPs are invited to the VIP dinner an evening before the conference
* Opportunity to network with best performing GPs as well as with up-and-coming GPs within and beyond the region. Pre-arranged meetings on demand
* Exclusive networking with other LPs during
* Free access (subject to verification)

Why GPs attend:

Besides fostering relationships with LPs and high quality GPs for Co-Investments, some selected funds will have the opportunity to access to a qualified dealflow channel via the exclusive cooperation of 'MAKER FAIRE ROME - The 11th European Edition'. This private session will happen on the 20th of Oct. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more.

Unique Insights from Senior-level Professionals

Access valuable information and shared knowledge from senior-level decision-makers. During multiple panel discussions, keynote presentations, workshop and the world-class speakers will share on & off stage their experience and insights.

VIP Dinner

Speakers, sponsors and selected LPs will have the opportunity to join a VIP Dinner the evening before the conference to network in a more informal atmosphere.

Maximize your brand visibility

Combine brand recognition solutions with showcases on the stage to increase your reputation as an industry expert. We tailor the exposure opportunities and facilitate introductions to our extensive and qualified network to ensure the engagement you are looking for.


65+ high level speakers

Attending the Conference means you’ll be hearing insights from the leading experts from the whole Mediterranean region. Find out who’s attending.

Stay tuned for more speakers – we are constantly adding new names.


Get Inspired by The Best

Discover the latest trends & insights in the private equity industry from the market-driven agenda.

AGENDA. PE & VC Sessions.

VIP Dinner (Invite Only)

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Free access for Limited Partners: pension funds, funds of funds, family offices, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds.
Please be aware that all tickets will be reviewed. If the ticket holder fails to prove to be in the right category, the ticket will be removed.

If you are not LP, save your seat at the lowest rate: Fund manager, Commercial Bank, Fund Administrator, Investment Bank, Placement Agent, Law Firm,Placement Bank, Financing Advisory, Startup, Target Firm, Business Angel, Accelerator, Incubator, Accounting Firm, Software Provider, Valuation Firm, Business Development Company, Auditor,Business Intermediary, Funding/Crowdfunding Platform, LP & GP Consultant, Management Consultant, Insurance Firm, Recruiting Firm, PE & VC Enthusiast.

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Salone delle Fontane, Rome, Italy


Thanks To Partners

We would like to thank our partners who collaborate with us and our media partners who help us spread the word.