0100 Conference Mediterranean 2024

This international private equity and venture capital conference gathers fund investors (LPs) and fund managers (GPs) from Europe, MENA, and North America, interested in the Mediterranean region. The event is held under the patronage of the City of Milan.





The Attendee Spectrum: Who You’ll Meet

Curious about the caliber of attendees at 0100 Conference Mediterranean?

View the average breakdown of the conference attendees from last year's edition on the right.

This breakdown shows that over 70% of 0100 Conference Mediterranean's audience represented the backbone of investment landscapes - LPs and GPs dominate the conference.

The geographic breakdown shows the global attraction to the Mediterranean region, drawing participants from diverse corners of the world.
While Southern Europe unsurprisingly accounted for nearly half of the 0100 Conference Mediterranean audience, a notable contingent came from all over Europe. Attendees from Western Europe, for example, made up a sizeable 39% of participants, followed by Eastern Europe making up 7%, and the rest came from all over the globe.

Gain Direct Access to Decision-Makers

What truly sets us apart is the caliber of attendees. Unlike other conferences, you won't just rub shoulders with industry professionals – you'll engage directly with the people who hold the power to say yes. Take a look at the chart on the left to get a glimpse into the exclusive attendee pool registered for last year’s 0100 Conference Mediterranean.

Connect with LPs Ready to Invest

Engage with a diverse group of LPs at the 0100 Conference Mediterranean; LPs at our previous edition of the conference showed interest in a range of investment strategies, demonstrating the diversity of opportunities in the Mediterranean private equity landscape. We hosted a balanced mix seeking deals across sectors, stages and strategies: 45% target private equity strategies, 36% venture capital, and 19% both PE and VC.

Top-tier Fund Investors

The 0100 Conference Mediterranean attracts a spectrum of top-tier institutional LPs like, Access Capital Partners, Aldea Ventures, Alpha Associates, Arcano Capital, Axa Venture Partners, Banca D'Italia, BNP Paribas, BPI France, Cassa Forense, Fenice 190, Fondo Italiano d'Investimento, Hamilton Lane, Inarcassa, Lazio Innova, Qualitas Funds, Schroders Capital, Sella Venture Partners, StepStone Group, SwanCap Partners, Unigestion, Yielco Investments.

As well as top-tier individual LPs like, EVEN Family Office, Esas, FB Family Office, Felman Family Office, Infinitas Capital, Kinled Holding, N3 Capital, Rancilio Cube, Siusi.

Exclusive Benefits for Limited Partners

- Complimentary access to the conference (subject to verification)
- Networking opportunities with fellow LPs and high-performing GPs
- Access to expert insights focusing on key trends specifically curated for LPs
- Participation in exclusive side events for valuable informal networking opportunities.

Why Attend The 0100 Conference Mediterranean

Personalized Networking: Our conferences are where exclusivity meets impact. Engage in targeted 1-on-1 networking opportunities with our highly curated list of delegates. Gain advanced access through our dedicated conference platform to maximize your connections.

Participate in Meaningful Discussions: Attend our exclusive side events for in-depth conversations with industry players from specific topics and sectors of your interest. Explore our side events designed for deeper, more meaningful discussions within private equity, venture capital, family offices, and LPs.

Stay Updated on Industry Insights: In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, staying updated on industry concerns, news, and latest trends is key. Gain access to industry-leading insights and shared knowledge from top decision-makers in the private equity and venture capital sectors across Europe, North America, and beyond

Elevate Your Firm's Standing with LPs and GPs

Elevate your firm's position within the industry by partnering with us.

As we mark our second edition of The 0100 Conference Mediterranean, sponsoring our event grants you unparalleled access to influential relationships that drive tangible results for your firm.

- Curated Speaking Roles: Elevate your presence with speaking engagements like keynote presentations and featured panelist slots.
- Expo Booth and Private Meeting Space: Showcase your services and secure a private space for productive meetings.
- Extensive Brand Exposure: Amplify your brand visibility across our event platforms—your logo prominently displayed throughout.

Zero One Hundred’s Unique Approach to VC

As a startup ourselves, we intimately understand the pulse of running a VC fund. This firsthand experience drives us to craft personalized experiences that offer actionable insights, resonating with what investors truly seek.

Founded by visionary builders, our VC fund, Zero One Hundred Fund is dedicated to empowering the most promising startups across Emerging Europe. Our mission is clear: to bolster innovative entrepreneurs in the region by facilitating access to crucial resources—capital, mentorship, and a nurturing community.


115+ High-Level Speakers

Gain insights from over 115 senior private equity/ venture capital executives, fund managers and industry experts. Hear firsthand from the most influential voices in Mediterranean investing.


Get Inspired by The Best

Discover the latest trends & insights in the private equity industry from the market-driven agenda.

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PE Stream

VIP Dinner (Invite Only)

    Register now and save your seat at the lowest rate! The number of tickets is limited

    We offer three ticket categories (see below) to ensure the conference serves its target audience. Please review the eligibility criteria before registering:

    1. Limited Partner Pass (Complimentary):
    To qualify for a complimentary pass, you must actively invest in PE/VC funds and represent one of the following organizations: a pension fund, insurance company, sovereign wealth fund, private wealth manager, secondary LP, fund of funds, foundation, endowment, trust, banking institution, family office or corporate investment division. Please note that all LP ticket applications will be reviewed for eligibility!

    2. General Partner Pass (Paid):
    This ticket is reserved for fund managers actively investing in companies.

    3. Service Providers & Others (Paid):
    This ticket is available for all companies and individuals not eligible for the LP or GP categories, for instance, accounting firms, accelerators, auditors, business angels, business development companies, commercial banks, crowdfunding platforms, financing advisory firms, fund administrators, incubators, investment banks, law firms, management consultants, placement agents, placement banks, recruiting firms, software providers, startups, target firms, valuation firms etc.

    Apply as Limited Partner

    Upon Verification

    Please note that your eligibility to apply as an LP will be confirmed.

    This ticket includes only access to the conference part
    (October 29th-30th)

    Apply for an LP Pass


    Early Bird €800

    + VAT rate

    YOUR GP STATUS WILL BE CHECKED TO BE VALIDATED I This ticket includes only access to the conference part (October 29th-30th) | Side Events are not included

    39 tickets remaining


    Early Bird €1200

    + VAT rate

    This ticket includes only access to the conference part (October 29th-30th) | Side Events are not included

    29 tickets remaining

    Palazzo Mezzanotte Congress Centre, Milan

    P.za degli Affari, 6, 20123 Milano MI, Italy


    Thanks To Partners

    We would like to thank our partners who collaborate with us and our media partners who help us spread the word.


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