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10 Aug 2018

Dear reader,

we would like to present you panelists of Berlin's "CEO perspective/ Start-up in growth" panel:



Sujay Tyle, CEO & Co-Founder @ Frontier Car Group (FCG)


Frontier Car Group

  • FCG is a Berlin-based startup who develop, launch and operate used-automotive marketplaces within emerging market economies, with operations in Nigeria, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Pakistan, and Indonesia.
  • They increase the efficiency of selling and buying cars through technology, infrastructure creation, access to capital and innovative business models that allow all stakeholders to gain from the impact.
  • Insights:



Roland Kuemin, CEO @ Balluun



  • Balluun is the leading provider of B2B social e-commerce worldwide.
  • Balluun shapes high-quality business networks worldwide and empowers trading 24/7/365, enabling high-end digital, industry-specific marketplaces, real-time discovery, social engagement and state of the art e-commerce technologies combined with cost-effective marketing, inside sales and customer success services.
  • Insights:



Bjoern Schmidt, CFO @ Blacklane




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