CEOs & VCs: Lessons learned
14 Aug 2019

There are many discussions if the VCs should be startup CEOs first or not. No doubts about it. However, it doesn't necessarily mean their relationship should be difficult or even disruptive for the portfolio company. Just the opposite! They can learn from each other and gain eye-opening experiences, which might generate success for both parties involved.

And that's what our next Prague's panel discussion will be about, lessons learned from the investment relationship between CEOs and their VCs. Our confirmed speakers are (so far):


Boris Hardi, Founder @ Capmatcher

Boris Hardi has more than 20 years of experience managing private equity real estate as well as banking and capital markets. During his career, he was, among other roles, Managing Director and Deputy Chief Real Estate Officer at FMS Wertmanagement AöR, Head of Real Estate Germany at SABAL Financial (Oaktree Capital Management Servicer) and IPO Board Member of Consus Real Estate AG.

Today, he advises hedge funds, venture capital funds and private equity firms in regards to investing into the German real estate and venture capital/startup market as well as its players (sellers, developers, banks, buyers, family offices, asset managers, agents). Being a serial founder himself, serial angel investor and Manager, including a successful IPO, he understands and „feels“ both sides of the venture capital scene and actively provides his funding, founding, and his investment experience to his portfolio companies and clients.  


Vaclav Pavlecka, Managing Partner @ Air Ventures

“The only person who can make your entrepreneurial voyage a ride to the stars is not a mentor. It’s a customer. So NEVER stop talking to him.” Vaclav’s biggest learning from the 10 years in marketing is something he applies to the startup industry when he searches for investment opportunities as a CEO of investment fund Air Ventures. Vaclav is bridging the gap between the worlds of marketing & innovation.

In 10 years of his marketing career he has consulted businesses across the globe – tech companies in US, China but also corporate clients in Europe. In 2013 Vaclav has brought Leo Burnett’s Chicago innovational hub Farmhouse to Prague to foster the innovation within ad business. Before that Vaclav co-founded a brand-tech consultancy Kliché Killers in NYC. In 2016 he has finally decided to devote his time completely to bold entrepreneurs, so he co-founded Air Ventures fund with Michal Nydrle, well-known admen in CEE. Vaclav is also a partner and creative head of the biggest startup clash in Europe, Startup World Cup & Summit.


Andre Dravecky, Founder & CEO @ ShipVio

Andre founded ShipVio in late 2015 and launched year after. He is passionate about startups and mobile technologies in general. He loves to work with talented people. He is currently based in Prague. He holds a Master’s degree (with distinction) in International relations and Diplomacy.
Shipvio have built the place where shipments are matched together with spare capacity of trucks.

It is designed to put the highly fragmented road transportation market together. They are pioneers in old-fashioned logistics industry and using technology to find the most suitable place for shipper’s load in thousands of available trucking spaces crossing Europe every day. Shipvio is here to keep the transporting vehicles at peak efficiency and minimum cost.


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